Why Should You Get The Car Tires Rotated?

Getting the tires on your vehicle rotated will go a long way in improving the handling and actually save you money too. Here is why you should be having those tires rotated at least every 5,500 miles.

Each day that you are driving your car with tires that are wearing unevenly could put you and your passengers at risk because the car is having trouble gripping the road in slick conditions.

The car is going to start veering to the side as the tire wear gets more pronounced. This is going to be more noticeable as you begin to reach high speeds.

A vibration will become more evident as the tires are wearing incorrectly. This vibration could distract you and keep you from safely being able to keep the car under your control at high speed.

At Woody Smith Hyundai, our team of certified mechanics is ready to inspect your car tires and rotate them.
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