Liquid Dripping from Your Tailpipe? Don't Worry

Have you seen something liquid dripping from your tailpipe? If you have, then you might be worried, but it's actually nothing to be concerned about. The liquid is just condensation that is dripping. It's nice when you learn that something that you thought might be a problem on your vehicle is actually just fine. But things can go wrong with your muffler and exhaust system.

For instance, if you see your muffler emitting smoke that doesn't go away once the vehicle has warmed up, you might want to take your vehicle into a repair shop. If something is wrong with your muffler, it can even cause problems with your car starting.

Is it time to have your muffler or exhaust system looked at? Come to our service center here at Woody Smith Hyundai in Idaho Falls, ID, and one of our friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable automotive technicians can explain more about your muffler and exhaust system. They'll also inspect and repair your vehicle as well.

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