The Hyundai Kona Is A Technological Masterpiece

It is awesome when cars go beyond normal technology. This is indeed what you will get when you purchase a Hyundai Kona.

One of the most amazing advances is how technology is used in the side mirrors of the Hyundai Kona. If cars are too close in the next lane, the mirrors will signal the driver that changing lanes at the moment is not a good thing to do. This alone has saved thousands of people the headache of an auto accident.

Another great way technology is used in the Hyundai Kona is through the wireless charging system. There are a few places within the Hyundai Kona where people can charge their electronic devices, and this charging system does not use up any gas, either.

You can come down to Woody Smith Hyundai and take one of these cars for a test drive. This car comes in several different colors, so you will have fun picking the one that is right for you. We are located in Idaho Falls, and we are easy to locate.




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