Windshield Wiper Fluid Helps You See More Clearly

Windshield wiper fluid is specially formulated to stay liquid far below the temperature that water freezes here in Idaho Falls, ID. This allows the fluid to be used in winter conditions.

Many times, drivers who are driving in winter road conditions will get a build-up of road salt and sand that has been applied to the road to assist in traction for the vehicles. This material can create a film on the windshield that can make it dangerous for a driver since they will be visually impaired while their windshield is in that condition.

By having windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle, will you will able to remove the buildup of these materials from your windshield so that you can see clearly out of your windshield. The Woody Smith Hyundai service team wants you to make it to your destination safely, whether it is in the Idaho Falls area or not. Drive with care and keep your windshield wiper fluid topped off.

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