Signs That You Need to Use a Clay Bar

If you've ever felt the surface of your vehicle after a wash and noticed that it's not as smooth as you'd want it to be, you may want to look into alternative forms of cleaning. Most cars hold onto tiny pieces of debris that can lead to damage if not dealt with. We want you to be an informed vehicle owner, so here's how to tell if you need detailing with a clay bar.

Clay bars will get rid of even the most stubborn dirt. When used with a lubricant, the bar will slide over the surface and pick up dirt, brake dust, tiny pieces of metal, and much more. The best way to test for these contaminants is to run your hand over the exterior surface. It may feel grainy or rough despite the shiny appearance. Alternatively, you can wrap your hand in plastic wrap. These pieces of debris will pull at the plastic so that you know where your problem areas are.

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