Motor Oil and Fuel Economy

Everything that you put into your vehicle can affect its performance. This includes motor oil. Your motor oil can change the way your engine performs and ultimately affect the gas mileage you're getting. We want you to be an informed car owner, so here are some important things you should know about choosing the right motor oil.

You should always stick with the motor oil grade that's recommended by the manufacturer. Motor oil grades aren't just random numbers and letters. They distinguish the product's viscosity, operating temperature, and much more. By not using the right oil, you may be causing as much as a 2% decrease in gas mileage. If you want to make your vehicle more efficient, you can also go with energy conserving oils. They come in a wide variety of oil grades, so you shouldn't have a problem finding the right one for your ride.

Stop by Woody Smith Hyundai in Idaho Falls, ID today for an oil change. We'll set you up with the right motor oil grade for your vehicle.

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