How to Know if Your Ignition Needs Service

Nothing is more frustrating than going to start your car here in Idaho Falls, ID and not being able to. While a dead battery is often the first thing to get blamed, it is also possible that it is the ignition itself giving you trouble. So how can you tell when it is time to get this key vehicle component serviced?

Listen carefully when you start your car. A grinding noise may indicate that the starter drive gear is damaged. If you are hearing this noise but your car still starts, do not hesitate to get it serviced. Over time, the malfunctioning starter drive gear can damage the engine flywheel.

Smoke is never a great sign when it comes to vehicles. If you are seeing smoke when starting or attempting to start your car, it is definitely time to get it serviced. The smoke may indicate that the starter has shorted out or there is a problem with a connection somewhere. The professionals at Woody Smith Hyundai can help you with ignition as well as other automotive service needs.

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