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Inspect Your Headlights

If you struggle to see when you are driving at night, it is time to get your headlights serviced. Come see us here at Woody Smith Hyundai so that we can get your headlights brighter.

You need your headlights to see at night when your visibility is limited and when the weather conditions are bad. Your headlights also make it possible for other drivers on…

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Windshield Wiper Fluid Helps You See More Clearly

Windshield wiper fluid is specially formulated to stay liquid far below the temperature that water freezes here in Idaho Falls, ID. This allows the fluid to be used in winter conditions.

Many times, drivers who are driving in winter road conditions will get a build-up of road salt and sand that has been applied to the road to assist in traction for the vehicles. This material can create a film on the windshield that can make it dangerous for a driver since they will be visually impaired while their windshield is in that condition. 

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How Often Should You Change Your Vehicle’s Fluids?

If you’re like most drivers here in Idaho Falls, you are unsure of how often the different fluids in your vehicle will need to be changed. As a general rule of thumb, oil should typically be changed every 3,000 – 5,000 miles. Did you know that other fluids in your car also need care and attention?

For example, coolant usually needs to be changed every few years, but you should still check it once or twice a year. Bad brake fluid can make your brakes start to feel rough.

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