Driving Dynamics in a Hyundai

When buyers have always considered buying a Hyundai they were not buying them for the engaging driving dynamics, but rather the great affordability, plethora of features, and incredible reliability. But, Hyundai is sick of being just another car and have put great effort into making their cars more responsive and fun to drive. The perfect example of that is the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport!

The 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport is a specially tuned and built sedan that aims to make exciting cars more affordable. Featuring a new 1.6L turbocharged four-cylinder that creates 201 horsepower and 195 lb.-ft. of torque which, along with a revised chassis and suspension make this an exciting car to drive. There is plenty of useable power and handles smoothly on all types of roads to make it great for most buyers.

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