Things You Must Take on Your Holiday Trip

Bring along the following items on your next long holiday road trip and you will significantly lessen the likelihood that your vehicle is going to be stranded long on the side of the road.

When driving anywhere this holiday, safety is the main concern, not making good time. This is why we want you to be sure your car has these items in the trunk to ensure you have help if you need it. It's best to plan for disaster rather than be caught off guard.

  1. Keep a set of road flares or safety triangles in the trunk to warn others you need some assistance.
  2. Flashlights are going to be important for doing any repairs in the dark or for seeing your way if you need to walk.
  3. An empty gas can will make getting fuel easier if push comes to shove.
  4. Pack a set of jumper cables to get the car battery jumped.
  5. A small toolbox of various tools is essential for making repairs.
  6. A roll of duct tape could fix some things.

Be sure you make some time to visit Woody Smith Hyundai for a holiday road trip inspection on the vehicle. Also, if you are shopping for a new vehicle this year, consider getting one that offers roadside assistance so you can be prepared wherever you go.


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