Things to Keep an Eye Out for with Car Tire Wear

Being able to spot trouble with the car tires early enough can reduce the chances of the car tire failing and leaving you stuck off the side of the road.

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for with tire tread wear.

The tire treads should be the same all the way around the tires. When you begin to see worn areas or areas of the tread that seem to be separating from the tire, don't neglect to have a professional take a closer look because the tire may be defective and about to fail.

Look at the sidewalls of the tire too because things like an obstruction or bulges in that thinner area of the tire could lead to a blowout under certain conditions.

Be sure you have scheduled your tire rotation appointments at Woody Smith Hyundai so we can keep an even closer look at the tread wear.



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