Staying Safe When Bicyclists Are On The Road

As a driver, you should expect to see bicyclists on almost all the roads on which you travel. Both bicyclists and drivers should practice some important safety tips in order to avoid collisions and injuries.

Woody Smith Hyundai in Idaho Falls, ID advises drivers to slow down when bicycles are present on the road. If you are traveling at a slower rate of speed, you will have more time to react in case you need to stop. Always stay at least three feet from bicyclists when passing. Make sure to pay attention and avoid distractions while driving around bicycles.

Those who are out on the roads riding bicycles also need to heed some safety advice. Bicyclists should heed all traffic lights and signals. Always signal when you are going to make a turn. Make sure that you have a light on the front and back of your bicycle in order to increase your visibility.

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