Consider a New Hyundai Tucson as Your Next SUV

The tech features of new Tucson make it impressive to the drivers. For anyone looking for a roomy vehicle that has safety features and warranties, Hyundai Tucson is the best choice. The cargo room offered by Tucson is right, and it has a storage space that has plenty of in-cabin and has spacious seats for relaxing.

With the features it has, the interior storage compartments of Tucson are many, and belongings are kept organized when you are driving. The mileage Tucson's gas is above average. It gets 23 mpg in the city and 30 mpg while it is on…

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Easily Debunked Motor Oil Myths

The thing about myths is that they are almost always easily disproved. Yet, year after year they are passed along from person to person. The same is true in the auto industry, That is why our team here at Woody Smith Hyundai wants to ensure that you are an informed car owner and know some of the most common myths surrounding motor oil.

The first is that your oil should be completely changed prior to you and your family going on a big trip. While this may be good practice at times, it is not always necessary. The second is…

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Enjoy the Capabilities of a New 2018 Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai has continuously developed top class models. However, 2018 Hyundai Elantra promises to better with fantastic design and installed with advanced tech and safety features. With the newest Elantra sedan in our new inventory, drivers in Idaho Falls can enjoy better ride experience.

The improved safety features include automatic emergency braking enhanced with pedestrian detection, rearview camera, blind spot mirror, automatic headlight control, and blind spot detection. The 2018 Hyundai Elantra also has adaptive cruise control which automatically maintains a distance...

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Why Tire Pressure Matters to Your Car

The last thing you need is to lose control of your vehicle due to incorrect tire pressure. Tires that have too little or too much air can create significant problems for you. At the very least, they will needlessly cost you extra money.

When your tires are underinflated, they have to expend extra energy to move your vehicle down the road. That creates excess heat and wear. The tires’ outer edges and sides are eventually damaged as a result. On the flip side, driving with over-inflated tires creates a situation where you can easily lose control of your vehicle...

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Neglecting Your Car's Cooling System Could Lead to Catastrophic Results

Unfortunately, many car owners in America today take their engine cooling systems for granted. Without proper maintenance, a malfunctioning cooling system can cause catastrophic problems. However, the good news is that all you need is a little knowledge to keep your car's cooling system working at optimal levels.

The first thing you should check is your engine coolant level. In most cars, all you need do is remove the radiator cap and check to see if your radiator is topped off with coolant. However, do not try and remove the radiator cap if your car's engine is still…

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Inspect Your Headlights

If you struggle to see when you are driving at night, it is time to get your headlights serviced. Come see us here at Woody Smith Hyundai so that we can get your headlights brighter.

You need your headlights to see at night when your visibility is limited and when the weather conditions are bad. Your headlights also make it possible for other drivers on…

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What is the Purpose of the Transfer Case?

The transfer case is where the actual transfer of wheel ratio occurs as you shift your four-wheel or all-wheel-drive vehicle from the two-wheel to four-wheel function. Depending on how your system is set up, the transfer case either operates with a chain drive or gears. The general outcome is the same.

The natural rotation of your front and rear tires occurs at different speeds. In order for the four-wheel drive to work, all four tires need to turn at the same time. The transfer case coordinates the front and rear axle rotation by slowing the speed down.

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Windshield Wiper Fluid Helps You See More Clearly

Windshield wiper fluid is specially formulated to stay liquid far below the temperature that water freezes here in Idaho Falls, ID. This allows the fluid to be used in winter conditions.

Many times, drivers who are driving in winter road conditions will get a build-up of road salt and sand that has been applied to the road to assist in traction for the vehicles. This material can create a film on the windshield that can make it dangerous for a driver since they will be visually impaired while their windshield is in that condition. 

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Get The Information About Move Over Laws

If you're ever on the road and notice that the car in front of you has to pull over, you should exhibit move over laws so that you can allow the vehicle to pull over safely. These laws are in effect for all 50 states and you should be aware of them so you can avoid any other accidents.


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Don't Get Stranded: Keep Your Gas Tank Full This Winter

The temperatures are getting colder and flurries are starting to fall, make sure you don’t end up stranded because you do not have enough fuel in your vehicle. With gas prices high many people end up waiting until the last minute to fill their gas tanks, here are some reasons why you should keep your gas tank full:

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